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About Us.

Zoo Peru Inc. is a charitable non profit organisation with offices in Perth, Australia and Iquitos, Peru. We have a voluntary international committee dedicated to making a difference in the Amazon region of South America for over 18 years. Zoo Peru’s mission is to create a sustainable future for people and Amazon wildlife through education, employment, habitat and wildlife protection. We envisage a sustainable Amazon where flora and fauna are conserved through habitat presentation, recognised and valued by the global community as a unique and biodiverse ecosystem, vital for all life on earth

Our Projects.

Zoo Peru focuses our conservation efforts and assistance for people, flora and fauna in the Amazon rainforest in Peru, South America. Antony Taggart, Roland Noronha Melendez and David Polinsky established Zoo Peru Inc. over 18 years ago, primarily to assist the Quistococha Zoo which struggled for finances to satisfactorily house a large range of indigenous species of fauna. Since then, Zoo Peru Inc. has become involved in other projects to conserve habitat, provide sustainable employment and assist with rescue and relocation of animals from the illegal pet trade.

Our Approach.

“One single tree in Peru was found to harbor forty-three different species of ants - a total that approximates the entire number of ant species in the British Isles”.
2011 has been declared the International Year of Forests by the United Nations and Zoo Peru is committed to the protection of critical habitats such as Amazon rainforest. This year we are helping to lock up land for conservation through our Rescue Rainforest project .

Helping us

Help us to preserve a biodiversity hotspot.
Your donation will help us to conserve precious rainforest. Your donation will be used to protect land in the Amazonian forest, by financing our local guards. We are in the process to have land status moved to protected land instead of agricultural lands. With just $50, you can make a real difference! Give now

Get Involved!

  • Purchase sustainable products eg. Rainforest alliance chocolate, coffee, tea etc.
  • Shop responsibly – know where your product originated from eg. Furntitue/timber products
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle – (land fill facts)
  • If travelling in South America do not purchase rainforest timber products eg. bowls.animals or animal parts eg. Feather earrings as these encourage animal poaching.
  • Eat less meat – a large percentage of rainforest is cleared for grazing cattle
  • Start helping Zoo Peru Inc. today

    Give $50 and help us preserve a biodiversity Hotspot.


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