The mission of Zoo Peru Inc. is to promote understanding and protection of Peruvian wildlife and habitats through discovery, education and research. We achieve this through:
Teaching and practising conservation Providing employment for local people Helping to preserve endangered species and habitats
In 1993, Antony Taggart, David Polinsky and Roland Noronha Melendez began working at the Quistococha Zoo in Iquitos Peru. Most of the animals within the collection were victims of the illegal pet trade and had been
confiscated by police.
Animals were housed in unsatisfactory conditions.
Zoo Peru was established initially to aid the zoo, improving the quality of life for the animals housed there.
Our vision is now wider, concentrating
on education, employment and
preservation of endangered species
Each minute 51 acres of tropical rainforest is being destroyed….
Each hour 1, 692 acres of productive dry land becomes desert….
Each day, almost 5 species of life on earth becomes extinct….
(Global Awareness in Action)
By becoming a member of Zoo Peru Inc. you have the opportunity to make a difference today….
Zoo Peru Inc. is a non-profit charitable organisation registered in South America, The United States and Australia. Since 1993, Zoo Peru has been dedicated to preserving the biodiversity of the Peruvian  Amazon rainforest.

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Welcome to Zoo Peru

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In 1993 I travelled to Peru as part of my university degree to study the Pink river Dolphin. This research led me to a Peruvian port city and gateway to the Amazon. A place called Iquitos. Iquitos is remote and … Read More

Pilpintuwasi and The Amazon Animal Orphanage with Gudrund Sperrer, 2012

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  The following is an extract taken from an interview conducted by Zoo Peru member, Owen Gregory with Gudrund Sperrer, owner and founder of Pilpintuwasi and The Amazon Animal Orphanage. Gudrund Sperrer, is from Austria and has been in Iquitos … Read More


Over the past 5 years Zoo Peru has been purchasing land in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle with the aims of protecting large tracks of forest from further devastation and has, to date, achieved a current land holding of 700 acres of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. This land is in the process of being registered as a Reserve. Which provides the highest level of protection for land possible within Peru.


Zoo Peru's long term objectives are to enable: 1) the creation of revenue for local populations through innovative methods that will not endanger existing ecosystems. 2) the education of population in regards to the values of their environment and to enable training programs for wildlife rescue and conservation. 3) to implement the expansion of Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots program – an education program aimed at local populations and currently running in over 40 countries.


Zoo Peru's long term objectives are to enable: 1) To continue to identify and purchase large tracks of Peruvian Amazon rainforest so as to preserve the region's natural ecosystems. This would be in addition to the aforementioned current land holding of 700 acres. 2) To develop an Animal Rescue, Rehabilitation and Education Facility within the Peruvian Amazon Basin dedicated to the preservation and protection of the regions natural biodiversity.